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Hello everyone, I'm just wondering if you have received your letter from the Government in regards to the changes of the MMAR MMPR license.  What are your thoughts and what can you do to help?

Currently M.A.C.R.O.S. is the only dispensary in Edmonton.  If we do not have 1000 members registered as a member of our club by April 2014, things are going to change.

Right now, the government is implementing things like being able to only buy your supply from a source which is outside of Canada, the US!!! There are only three that the Goverment has that are licensed providers.  Let's keep M.A.C.R.O.S. and the Marijuana Supply in Canada, and tell as many people you know about it. 

Please tell them to "Become A Member" and fill out all of the documents required.  We may have a doctor on board who will help patients with their medical marijuana choice!

Please call us if you have any questions.  We look forward to hearing some excellent advertising and ideas on how we can spread the word more often!


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The letter is a document which suggests we all pave the way for MACROS, and every other Societal dispensary to stop doing what it was born out of to exist in a way which provides me with a Mobile, Access to Compassionate Resources that are Organized in a Society!

I will first not register with the next system, not out of spite, but I can't afford it, the system COSTS YOU!!! I must respectfully, legally on April 2014, stop using medical cannabis. Don't wait till you come-down to fight... Hello?

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M.A.C.R.O.S. stand on the new regulations is that it harms the Medical user the most. Your point is valad about the

patient not able to afford the medication. That is why M.A.C.R.O.S. is doing everything we can to fight for the patient

and make it accessable to all that choose Cannabis as their medicine. It is unfair that insurance companys will not

pay for this medicine. If there is anyone that has the ability to open a medical insurance for Cannabis we would all be

 able to afford our choise in medicine.

M.A.C.R.O.S. is currently in the process of becomeing acredited along with other BC, Ontario and Quebec comppaion

societies. We belive this is a way we can still help our membership get the highest quaility Medicine at the most

affordable rate. We are not a grower so we will need to work with only liecenced growers. Inturn going through this

process takes time and alot of steps have been made in order for M.A.C.R.O.S. to be around April 1, 2014.

With the support of the membership we at M.A.C.R.O.S. belive that we will find our place in the new system what ever

it shall be, so the patients have a safe and sucure place to discuse their choise in medicine.

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