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Hello, thank you for responding. From the field to market will always be the best place for the owner of the field to find the and have at the best produce. Therefor, the owner must trust the picker, picking, presenting presale product for patients who can afford it. Patients who must trust designated growers outside of those who have a designated grower must pay, and should for that price receive the best of the best.

Those who can't pay, who don't have a grower should receive first aid or should grow and if they can't, there should be compassionate measures of high quality Cannabis for them. How is this possible? Well, I thought if there where two types of growers. The first would grow as you see happening now, with the licenced commercial grows. The second would be mom and pop style grows that would take care of compassion clubs, medicinal patients who can afford it.

now that takes care of them, they're all happy and there are enough of them now, to meet shortages in quality, quantity and income.

I personally would not support any, except for the part about those who can grow there own, and probably they (secure, inspected, safe home grows)could give to the compassionate measures allotments persons who will collect that Cannabis for (free only)those who are too sick to fight for it or too sick to give a care. Imagine the highest quality Cannabiss grown, knowingly for free and paired with compassionate allotment measures that are knowingly going to the sick? I'll bet no Cannabis could compare to the Cannabiss I would support.

I won't refer to Cannabis as medicinal, it's just slightly more respected than coffee here and coffee is my religion.

If you want to support Cannabis for people, and you want people to think its safe, then stop calling it medicine and change your fight for, at the very least the correct fight, recreational Cannabiss.

To focused on the cost, front lines have fallen through the cracks and everyone is waiting to see how, who makes out. What?

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