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What Political Party will help Cannabis the best, soonest? Front line patients are interested in Cannabis medicine being thiers(home-grown)under watch and key, of course and that it be enough to ingest, consume and use to blanket them selves and the illness, until comfort or cure is achieved. 

I want that Government to know that eating, vaporizing and salving sick bodies can NEVER be reached, by MOST at $7.00 a gram. With the Government understanding this cost before it puts into law that 150 grams a month X $7.00 a gram, equals an end to the supply of that medicine for some very sick, but getting better patients who will become worse off just thinking about loosing their medicine, then get sick again.

I would like to hear some before and after senarious that WILL develop as we get closer to unplug our lights for good such as, what Government meds you were on before Cannabis, what you stopped because of Cannabis and what you will be forced to go back on (pain meds, ensure, etc) when your usually affordable Cannabis meets your bank account.


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I'm not sure, but 420 magazine has a lot of information in regards to a lot of topics, this being one of them.  Please feel free to add yourself on our facebook page,, there's always some good streaming information on there.  Might be a bit more lively than here... but I hope we get as busy as facebook does ;) Spread the news!


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