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If you already possess a Health Canada license or MMAR permit, then you already qualify for our program.  Simply contact us by phone, email and/or fill out the form below to get started.

If you don't yet have a legal permit, then you must apply to Health Canada to obtain one. We can help, so don't hesitate to ask.


If you are wondering if you should talk to your family doctor about this first, and don't have easy information to share with him verbally, feel free to go to the button on the home page that says, "For Doctors" This page will allow you to print off a letter we have created for all physicians to read.  This should put them at ease and realize with the consent form on your file will be suffice for them not to held liable for your medicinal choices.


Don't be afraid, the worst they can say is no.. But this is not a problem, print of the documents on the right hand side and set up a meeting with The Greenleaf Medical Clinic or the Do No Harm Clinic.  Their doctor's will speak with you and meet with you online, determine your elegibility, and you'll have your prescription in the mail in no time!


Once you have your prescription, come on down to MACROS and we can help you out with everything you need.

Application Process:

To apply for a federal permit your doctor must complete 1 of the following 2 forms:

-Form B1 is for patients with Cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Severe Arthritis or Spinal Injury/Disease. This form can be signed by any Medical Doctor.


-Form B2  is for patients with any condition, but it must be signed by a relevant specialist. For instance, a psychiatrist can sign for anxiety or depression, but not back pain. If you are unclear about the definition of a relevant specialist for your specific condition, we refer all patients to Health Canada at 1-866-337-7705.

Once your doctor has completed either Form B1 or Form B2 please contact our office and we will help you complete the rest of the application.


If your doctor won't sign your forms then you can apply for a referral through one of the dispensaries and compassion clinics listed on the links page.


  1. Determine your eligibility
  2. Visit your doctor
3.    Contact us to obtain your supply
If you have informed your physician of your chose to use Cannabis as medicine to treat your  ailment(s) / or symptoms, simply apply for membership with our online application below.  There is a document to the right if you chose to print it off and send it in. 
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Once your application has been reviewed, one of our directors will make arrangements to meet with you to have the application signed and certified. You will be provided with a M.A.C.R.O.S. Membership card and important information about our products and services. This will also provide you with access to our on-line store and ordering options.

If you wish to obtain a permit to possess and grow or have someone else grow for you, then you will need to submit the appropriate forms found here: _*HEALTH CANADA FORMS*_ .

M.A.C.R.O.S. is working hard to provide our members with the best product at the best price along with our commitment to safe and quick service to our members. We are consistantly looking for new products, services and information to provide our members with a ever growing selection of options. If you are interested and or can help our members, we would love to hear from you. Please use the information on our "Contacts" page and or call us at (780) 457 - 6824.

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