Mission Statement:

To help competent adults to make choices concerning their medical care, according to their own values regardless of how unwise or foolish these choices may appear to be to others and to build a society to provide this choice to the members to provide this service and access from all forms of discrimination and barriers.

Vision Statement:

To legally permit to distribute medical cannabis of highest quality symptom strains specific to meet the member / patient’s needs to treat specific or general ailments.

Values Statement:

Compassion: To make ready available cannabis to help people with the relief of critical and chronic pain, unrespective of legal or social stigma.

Harm Prevention:  by offering a safe and secure place to access the medicine of their choice without having to associate with illicit distribution.

Empowerment:  that the member / patient has the primary authority when it comes to making personal health care decisions and encourage the patient to take control of their own healing

Dignity: of the people who operate the society / dispensary, the patients they serve and the cultivators that supply them have the right to respect ethical needs

Affordability: Everyone must have affordable access to this medicine

Integrity:  To remain transparent and accountable for service and provide management of this service



  • To establish and uphold standard of medical cannabis dispensaries
  • To support high standard of care, education, research and promote best practice
  • To work with the public, government, healthcare providers and law enforcement agencies to understand the need for medical cannabis dispensaries
  • Help the patient to work with the healthcare practitioner with research of cannabis and treatment with their specific ailment and symptomology

Please, we ask you for your patience, as we transition to a full-fledged dispensary, from an in home run society to a storefront sign up office and community education platform to an alternative natural choice treatment dispensary.  With a growing number of members and increased resource consumption, acquisition of supply has been a difficult requirement to fulfil along with deliveries member sign up, and community education.  As well, health issues continue to plaque us at times and if our voices and choice of ds seem insensitive,it is just a reflection of the pain and symptom discomfort experienced at the time.

Please call 1 day ahead for appointments and deliveries to be arranged.  Presently, either Aaron (president), Bob Cyre (founding Director) or Janice Cyre (founding director) will be fielding and returning calls or messages on a daily basis.

M.A.C.R.O.S. is doing everything we can to fight for the patient and make it accessable to all that choose Cannabis as their medicine. It is unfair that insurance companys will not pay for this medicine. If there is anyone that has the ability to open a medical insurance for Cannabis we would all be able to afford our choose in medicine.  M.A.C.R.O.S. is currently in the process of becomeing acredited along with other BC, Ontario and Quebec companion societies. We belive this is a way we can still help our membership get the highest quaility Medicine at the most affordable rate. We are not a grower so we will need to work with only liecenced growers. In turn going through this

process takes time and a lot of steps have been made in order for M.A.C.R.O.S. to be around April 1, 2014.

With the support of the membership we at M.A.C.R.O.S. belive that we will find our place in the new system what ever

it shall be, so the patients have a safe and secure place to discuss their choice in medicine.


**** Please note that rudeness, swearing and disrespect towards any MACROS staff, will not be tolerated and membership will be cancelled. *****

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